So now you can’t see what I say about whoever I want to say things about, how does that sound? Hmm?


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It’s terrifying that I want to die this badly.


The glasses John Lennon wore when he got shot, 31 years ago.
i will always reblog this i dont know there is just something so powerful about this image
This makes me feel so sad.
Piece of history on my blog. 
Yoko took this image on their window sill in the apartment…so sad


I so badly want this

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Anonymous asked:

We've had our differences through the years. I know we are not really on speaking terms at the moment, but I want you to know that you're a beautiful person. I know people give you unnecessary shit. But always remember that you're really a great person. You have to realize that you're a beautiful person just the way you are. The people that matter in your life see you this way no matter what. Stay who you are no matter what.


I know that now and the best that I can do is just ignore the ones that try to break me. Because I have people that care about me. Yet I’m not that much of a great person, I wish I knew who this was because a lot of people right now don’t want to talk to me. Thank you though.



This is a ridiculously powerful picture.

reblog this twice, to make sure you really see it.



this must have hurt so much but it is so beautiful

o m g

got a paper cut earlier today and it felt like my arm was about to fall off……. don’t know how well this’d work for me tbh

you make me feel so good.